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It's a multisensory approach to learning spelling & vocabulary combined with interactive fun. My kids loves it!"

- Leah From NY / 4th Grade Teacher

My 4th and 5th grade students love working on Bigiqkids.com! It goes at their own pace and they can track their progress"

- Mrs. Underwood - Teacher

Welcome Teachers!

BigIQkids.com FREE Spelling & Vocabulary program makes teaching the weekly spelling and vocabulary word lists easy and FUN! By leveraging interactive technologies, students will look forward to their daily  lessons and by the end of the week are ready for their Friday spelling and vocabulary tests and have the confidence to score 100%. Teachers can use their own word lists or ours. BigIQkids provides 40 word lists by grade for spelling and vocabulary. Our word lists make for a great summer program.

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Classroom Spelling

What Teachers LOVE about BigIQkids' Spelling + Vocabulary Program?

  • Spelling and vocabulary study is made fun through interactive learning
  • Simulates classroom test taking scenarios
  • Students have easy access to their word lists through their teacher's home page
  • Systematic & unique daily lessons go around a student's proficiency
  • Students are so engaged in the games and activities, they forget they are studying!
  • Phonetically correct avatars - children see and hear how words are spoken
  • Students learn their word lists to MASTERY
  • Students actually enjoy learning so much, they ask to use BigIQkids
  • Just 10 to 15 minutes on BigIQkids a day can lead to an 'A'
  • Can instantaneously send progress reports and quiz results via email
  • Allows both mouse or keyboard input
  • Students earn a game coin as a reward


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