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SPELLING PROGRAM spelling program makes teaching and learning the weekly spelling list easy and FUN! By leveraging interactive technologies, students will look forward to their daily spelling lessons and by the end of the week are ready for their Friday test and have the confidence to score 100%. spelling program will change your child's attitude about spelling. Our one-of-a-kind online environment and use of interactive avatars creates a unique learning opportunity unlike any other site or software. is a virtual spelling tutor that presents quizzes, spelling bees, practice tests, and fun spelling games all customized to each child’s abilities.

MATH PROGRAM math program is an on-line learning program specifically designed to facilitate a child’s quest to attain mastery of fundamental math skills. Using a "self-motivated learning" approach, this interactive program monitors the child's progress and advances the student based upon subject matter proficiency. Building upon retention, speed and accuracy, parents will love math program's intuitive interface and the ability to tailor each lesson to a particular child’s needs.
U.S. STATES PROGRAM U.S. States program is an online program designed to help children master fundamental U.S. State facts. This leading edge application will engage your young learner via interactive lessons and quizzes with the goal of achieving mastery of all 50 states’ location, their capital cities, correct spelling and associated abbreviations. They will also learn about each state’s nickname, landmarks, economy and commonly known fun facts.

VOCABULARY PROGRAM vocabulary program is an on-line learning program which will change your child's attitude about vocabulary homework and test taking while increasing student's vocabulary and standarzied test scores. Student word knowledge is strongly linked with academic accomplishment, because a rich vocabulary is essential to successful reading comprehension.


BigIQkids interactive Spelling Game. Create a spelling contest to play against friends, family, classmates or yourself. This spelling game has a unique leveling mechanism that allows a 1st grader to compete head-to-head with an adult. This spelling game is fun for the whole family! Best of all, it's FREE!



BigIQkids interactive Vocabulary Game. Create a vocabulary contest to play against friends, family, classmates or yourself. This v game has a unique leveling mechanism that allows a 2nd grader to compete head-to-head with an contestant at an SAT word level. This vocabulary game is fun for the whole family! Best of all, it's FREE!



BigIQkids eBooks are iinteractive eBooks for kids 8-12. Available online and in eBook format.

This is not an audio book! Child will need to read this chapter book but can do so at their own pace with electronic bookmarks and the aid of our "click to hear" individual word functionality. 
At BigIQkids, learning is at the core of everything we do. Built into this is a reading comprehension quiz and vocabulary building exercise/test, the results of which will be emailed to a parent or teacher.
We invite you to read book #1 for FREE: spelling quiz

learn vowel sounds
Short & Long Vowel Program

BigIQkids FREE Vowel Program includes an interactive online program which helps k-5 children master the short and long A, E, I, O, and U vowels. This online vowel program which is hosted by interactive agents takes kids through interactive exercises which help young learners master their vowel sounds. Your child can practice their vowels by hearing the vowel sounds sung and select the correct word that has that matching vowel sound. This will surely be an A+ with your little learner. Best vowel sofware on the Internet!

short vowels1 or long vowels2

Level 1 = 15 problems | Level 2 = 25 problems



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