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Upgraded Reporting Function

Students can view their reports in two ways.

1. Lesson results overview report – The overview report will summarize each lesson completed with the lesson’s grade and incorrect words. This allows students to recognize any problem words within a word list early. With a mouse click, students can access the full results for each lesson.

2. Full results report - This report will list all completed lessons for ALL word lists. This report is sortable. With a mouse click, students can access the full results for each lesson.

* All results can be printed and/or emailed.

vocabulary homework

Full Game Page

BigIQkids game page is such a wonderful motivator in turning boring homework into a fun activity. Our kids learn to develop a love for learning because BigIQkids makes learning fun.

This upgrade will open up the game page to OVER 80+ games. This allows kids to work hard on their lessons to earn more game coins. Many of our games are educational and brain logic games. Students are still learning, but don't let them know that!

24/7 Reports

Progress reports are available 24/7. Results can be easily shared via online or by printing or email.

Game Page Fun!

With over 80+ games to choice from, there is something for kids of all ages. Kids never get bored with our wide selection of games from painting, target, sports, traditional, logica and strategy games. We continue to add games to our ever growing game page.

Great User Experience

"The Spelling+Vocabulary Upgrade not only gave me the reporting function I needed but the full game page was an added bonus for my little one. Now he's asking me to do his spelling and vocabulary!"

-- Janice from California

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