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Welcome Parents! is a FREE spelling & vocabulary program that makes learning a weekly spelling and/or vocabulary word list easy and FUN! Children of all ages and learning abilities can use their own personalized word lists in a variety of learning activities that help to reinforce and correct spelling and word meaning through fun learning games. Students will look forward to their daily spelling homework and by the end of the week are ready for their Friday spelling and vocabulary tests and have the confidence to score 100%. If you don't have a word list, you can use our BigIQkids word lists. BigIQkids provides 40 word lists by grade for spelling and vocabulary. Our word lists make for a great summer program.

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What Parents LOVE about BigIQkids Spelling + Vocabulary Program?

  • Spelling and vocabulary study is made fun through interactive learning
  • Simulates classroom test taking scenarios
  • Children have easy access to their word lists through their own home page
  • Systematic & unique daily lessons go around a student's proficiency
  • Children are so engaged in the games and activities, they forget they are studying!
  • Phonetically correct avatars - children see and hear how words are spoken
  • Kids learn their word lists to MASTERY
  • Children actually enjoy learning so much, they ask to use BigIQkids
  • Just 10 to 15 minutes on BigIQkids a day can lead to an 'A'
  • Can instantaneously send progress reports and quiz results via email
  • Allows both mouse or keyboard input
  • Students earn a game coin as a reward

classroom spelling vocabulary program
teachers spelling resourceclassroom spelling vocabulary program

BigIQkids' online spelling+vocabulary program allows for you to create customized word lists OR use our BigIQkids grade appropriate spelling & vocablary word lists. Once you have your word list go to our award winning program and do a lesson, game, spelling bee, spelling test and/or vocabulary test on that word list.

We are updating our BigIQkids word list all the time, our newest word lists include the U.S. Presidents and many variations of the periodic table.

BigIQkids Interactive speaking dictionary with word's pronouncation, definition, sentence, antonyms, synonyms & sentence spoken makes homework a breeze.

Simple type in your word and get sentence and meaning help!

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spelling homeworkWe love this program! Ever since we started using this website, my daughter has aced every spelling and math test and she is now excited about school. Thank you.classroom spelling test

Jeani – Mom

spelling homeworkAs a father I can honestly say my son loves these programs. At school today, he got to do the word search lesson on the smart board. When he got home, he logged on and did it again just for fun.classroom spelling test

Leroy – Father

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A new way to make homework and learning fun. BigIQkids created the below lessons (short and long vowels, ruler measurement, digital and analog clock reading & counting money). Parents can easily track student's success by having students print and bring in a certificate as proof of completion. Each lesson rewards students with a printable certificate but students need to pass with 100% accuracy

classroom spelling vocabulary program ruler measurement conversionsdigital clock lesson
telling time analog clock lessoncounting money lesson

classroom spelling vocabulary program

BigIQkids Interactive humorous books are a fun way to spice up the summer reading list. You can preview each book for free.

kids game lessonsFunny! My son loved this book. It has a lot of sport references which he really enjoys. He can't wait for the next one... If your child likes humorous stories in a school setting, they'll enjoy this book. vowel game lessons

kids game lessonsWe all loved this book. We enjoyed the humor! My 9 year son read to my 6 year daughter and myelf. No one wanted to stop for a break. It kept us laughing and in suspense... and what a terrific ending!!! Just what you want from a book! We would highly recommend this one. vowel game lessons


Introducing our newest book:

Book#3: The Card Kid

Based on a true story or at least the way Jake sees it.

Jake is the heart and soul of AWESOMENESS at Oceanview Elementary school in sunny Florida. Unfortunately, “Big Boss” Dad gets a new job in Maryland and Jake’s life is turned upside down. Faced with being the “New Kid” at a school he just can’t figure out, Jake has never experienced being so low on the popularity charts. He struggles to find friends after some humiliating missteps in a not-so-friendly environment. Frustrated and still friendless, Jake goes back to old habits and creates a Kid Cards collection of students in his new school.

Just when everything starts to go right, someone breaks into his locker and discovers the cards. Laugh along with Jake as he tries to once again climb “Mt. Popularity” and successfully negotiate lunchroom politics as the new kid.