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5000 SAT Words Daily Lesson Challenge - How It Works

  • BigIQkids SAT & ACT Vocabulary Prep Program
  • vocabulary SAT prep online

    BigIQKids SAT Vocabulary Prep program offers a NEW way to learn 5000 SAT words to mastery! This program is perfectly designed to help students learn SAT vocabulary words through daily lessons. You can throw away your flash cards as our online program teaches and test student's retention for every one of our 5000 SAT words through our unique daily lesson approach. Student's complete this program when proficiency of 5000 SAT words' spelling, definition, word in context, synonyms & antonyms is attained. The student's word list dynamically changes around each student's ability. In addition to learning words for standardized testing, students also learn the pronunciation of each word with our advanced text to speech technology. We keep student's positively engaged with our lively colorful lessons and positive reward system. As students complete each lesson, they are rewarded with a game coin to play games on our extensive game page. Who said studying for the SAT exam can't be fun?!

    SAT words orogramMany students wait until high school to start studying for their SAT test. Don't Wait!!! Learning 5000 SAT words can only be done over time. Our daily lesson approach is so manageable it easily fits in any student's schedule. Try our online program & take our 5000 SAT words daily lesson challenge today!


      SAT Vocabulary Prep Program - Improve Your SAT Vocabulary and Increase your SAT Verbal Scores!


    Most importantly, we are the only program that teaches total vocabulary mastery. Other programs have you memorizing definitions. The BigIQKids SAT Vocabulary Prep program helps you FULLY understand each word so you make it your own. We keep track of not only words that you mastered but also your problem areas within each word. Some students know the meaning of a word but do not know the spelling and visa versa. Don't worry, behind the scenes, BigIQKids SAT Vocabulary Prep program is keeping track and allowing students to work on whatever students don't know and not waste time going over what a student already does know.

    SAT words orogramTry the program and have your student master some SAT words for free. Access to mastering ALL 5000 SAT words cost $99.99 for the year. You can pay via the PayPal button on the SAT Vocabulary Prep main menu. Sign up for free today and try before you buy! If you already have a BigIQkids account, log in with your existing account.



    Mastered words are words that have been correctly answered in ALL 7 lessons!


  • DailySATlessons

  • Lessons Included for Word Mastery:


    Day 1: Spelling Bee

  • Day 2: Vocabulary Definitions
  • Day 3: Vocabulary Synonymns and Antonymns
  • Day 4: Vocabulary Sentence Completion
  • Day 5: Vocabulary Bee
  • Day 6: Spelling Test
  • Day 7: Vocabulary Standarized Test

  • Extra Practice Lessons:

    Word Introduction
    Word Search
    Crossword Puzzle

      It’s faster and less expensive than alternative SAT vocabulary courses, and you can use the program on your own schedule. BigIQkids’s multi-sensory SAT vocabulary preparation helps students master SAT vocabulary, not just memorize it.



    * SAT is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.
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