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BigIQkids has just released our new program SpellingClassroom.com. This program will be replacing the BigIQkids Spelling+Vocaublary program. All existing BigIQkids upgraded members can use BigIQkids spelling+vocabulary program until their upgraded membership expires. Check out our new Spelling& Vocaublary program at:

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General FAQs

Teacher's FAQs

  • I'm a teacher and registered for a BigIQkids account, how do I get started?

    If your classroom is on multiple word lists, you can use ONE classroom account for all students but make sure you label the word list names so that it's clear to the students which class they're for. For example: GroupAList1, GroupBList1, GroupCList1, GroupAList2, etc...


    Once you have your word lists all set and ALL the students in your classroom added, you will go into your teacher's account and select which lessons you would like the students to work on. For example, if you're focused on Vocab. select vocab lesson by checking the lesson you want the student to do with each word list.


    You need to set up your classroom. YOU NEED TO SET UP YOUR CLASSROOM to add students and create a student’s password.

    Creating a Classroom Video.

    You'll need to sign in as the teacher with your member name and Teacher's password. Click on the "Spell+Vocab ACCOUNT CARE" button on the right side after logging in. On the new page, click on the "Create/Edit Classroom" button. Now you're ready to give your students their log in information which will be your member name & STUDENT'S password in step
    #1. Make sure your student password is different than your teacher's password. Simply select the number of students you have for Step
    #2. It's helpful if you change our default student names to you're students' names. Make sure you click the "SAVE" button on the bottom of the screen.


    Once a student PICKS a word list and COMPLETES a lesson within that word list that word list will automatically be set and ready to go the next time the student comes into the program. But, they'll need to FIRST select the word list. One way to make this easy for students is to have them log in and use the "User's Home Page" button. This will take them to the teacher's home page where you can add a CUSTOMIZABLE TEACHER’S NOTE on the left side of the page indicating which WORD LIST to select for the week. When you want to customize your teacher's note you'll need to log in as the teacher and go to the home page. Once on the home page, click on the 'Edit Message' text (left top of page). You'll obviously need to update this each week.
  • It says that teachers can create a free account, but I cannot figure out how to do that. Can you please help me with this?

    Welcome to BigIQkids.com! It's easy to create a FREE teacher's account. First you will need to create an account and then you turn that account into a teacher's account by adding a classroom. Please follow the directions below.

    1. You can create an account by going to the Main Menu
    2. Click on the "Register - Free" button.
    3. Fill out the form ... keep in mind your member name will be shared with your students.
    4. Once you have an account, you can turn that account into a classroom account.

    Creating a Classroom Video.

    That's it... you now have a classroom.

    Your next step will be to create word lists for your classroom to learn, practice and be tested on.
  • Can I have a direct link for my students to access a specific word list?

    Yes!On the Main Menu you will find a 'Go Direct' button shown once you log in. This will step you through how to create a direct link to any one of your word lists. You can use a word list link/url on your web site for students to go directly to any specific word list.
  • Do students need to log in to access my word lists?

    No. Students can access a word list and use the program to do lessons, tests and email or print results in visitor's mode.

    To create direct word list links:

    On the Main Menu you will find a 'Go Direct' button shown once you log in. This will step you through how to create a direct link to any one of your word lists. You can use a word list link/url on your web site for students to go directly to any specific word list.

    If a student does not log in, their results will not be saved. The student will have the option to log in if they would like to save their results.
  • How can I track my students as they complete assignments?

    If you sign into your teacher’s account and go into your Spelling+Vocabulary program, you’ll see an “ALL REPORT CARD” button under your Report Card. This will show you all your students’ results.

    If you click on any column titles, the columns will sort by that title. If you click on any line item you will see the details of that student’s lesson, you can click or email these results.

  • How do DELETE ALL my word lists?

    1. Log INTO your teacher’s account

    2. 2. Go to the word list creation page

    3. Select ANY word list

    4. on the top right corner of the screen, click on the “X All Lists” * this will delete ALL your word lists.

  • Do you have a handout that I can send to student's parents?
  • Do you have a handout with student log in instructions?
  • Do you have a spelling bee word list that teachers can use for classroom spelling bees?
  • Do you have a permission slip form for student's parents?
  • Once I manually move the lesson as the teacher, does it automatically go to the lesson that follows the teacher's lesson position or does it begin at the beginning where it says word introduction?

    The program GOES AROUND the student's lesson/module proficiency NOT the teacher’s account lesson/module position. For example, if the teacher selected 5 modules/lessons for a word list and they went in and did two lessons in the teacher's account and passed per the passing grade setting the teacher’s account would show the next lesson as being the 3rd lesson. When any of the students go to that word list, they'll start at the 1st checked module and need to work and pass each lesson/module to move to the next module. So to answer your question, the student will start at the word introdcution lesson/module if that lesson was checked in the teacher's account.
  • I am trying to figure out how to go in and change a lesson for individual students. For instance, if I have 66 students and I would like to change the lesson for 6 of them, how do I go about doing that through the teachers account?

    Just to be clear, when you say lesson I’m not sure if you’re speaking about the word list or the lessons giving for the word list. So I explained for both scenarios below. How lessons/modules work:
    The classroom function was designed to work like a traditional classroom where all students are following word lists given by the teacher and having the same lessons around that word list.
    The teacher can pick different lessons to be active or checked (ie: word introduction module/lesson) for different word lists and that is what the student will see as active when they select a new word list. Students can ALWAYS go ANY lesson/module manually by clicking on the arrow next to the module/lesson. But, if the teacher doesn’t have that lesson/module as checked it won’t AUTOMATICALLY be included in that word lists curriculum.
    How word lists work:
    A student will initially follow the teacher’s current word list. When a student first enters the program they will automatically be set to their teacher’s current word list. As soon as the student starts taking lessons, the current word list for that student will be on the last lesson they completed word list. So, if the student decides to switch from the teacher’s current word list to another word list, and then completes a lesson from this NEW word list, this will now be their new current word list.
    So to answer your question below, a teacher sets up word lists for their student, if a student want to switch to a different word list they’ll need to select that word list and then complete one lesson/module.
  • How many students can I add to my classroom?

    Classroom can hold up to 66 students.
  • Can I add my own word lists?

    Yes! On the Spelling+Vocabulary Main Menu, click on the "Create/Modify Word List" button to create a custom word list.
  • If you do not have a word in your database, can I request it?

    Yes if your an upgraded memeber! You will see an "Add Word" button where you can request any word. New words will be added between 2-48 hours.
  • My goal for the class is to keep everyone on the same word list and they move to next word list together. I did not realize that the student had the capablities of moving to a word list on their own, can I control this as the teacher?

    The BEST way to keep you students on the same word list is by providing a direct link to specific word lists from your teacher's web site. This link will bring your students directly to your word list and they can log in or do lessons in visitor's mode.

    To create direct word list links:

    On the Main Menu you will find a 'Go Direct' button shown once you log in. This will step you through how to create a direct link to any one of your word lists. You can use a word list link/url on your web site for students to go directly to any specific word list.

    The way the program works is that the students can indeed move to new word lists. We do it this way because teachers forget to move their word list to the next one at the beginning of every week and students are stuck looking at an old word list. Also, some teachers have different kids on different lists and this allows for children to select their list at do lessons around that word llist. The word list will be set for the student on the last word list they have taken. When they have fully passed all their lessons, the program will prompt the student to select a new lsit. Think of it like a textbook where you have many chapters that the student can go ahead and read but you (teacher) focus on one chapter at a time. A way for you to control this is by providing direct links with each of your word lists.
  • Can I use a classroom for students using different word lists?

    Our classroom account works like a traditional classroom with all students using the same word list. For multiple children with different grade levels or word list, please use an individaul account for each child. If you have MANY kids all using ONE word list then you may want to consider creating a classroom for each level or grade.
  • Is there a way to print a spelling list with definitions for kids without internet access?

    YES! There are TWO ways to get a print of a word lists’ definitions. Once you log into the Spelling+Vocabulary main menu, you can…

    You’ll find a PRINT button on the bottom left of the screen. Click on this PRINT button and print out the Word Introduction lesson. This lesson gives word flash cards of the words including the definitions.
    Click on the ANY word in the word like shown on the main menu. You'll see the one word you clicked on blown up with its definition. Also, on this bottom of the screen, you’ll see a print list + details. This will print the list with its definition.
  • I am a teacher and have set up an account for my personal use and now would like my students to have the ability to access the site and complete the activities with the personalized spelling list I've created for them. Do I have to give them my login information for them to use the site, or is there a way for them to have their own login info and still access the lists I've created?

    The way it works is when you log into your personal account on the main menu, click on the "Create a Classroom" button. This will allow you to set up your classroom for your students. On this screen, you'll need to provide a student password, this password SHOULD BE different then your password. Your students will share your "Member name" but use a DIFFERENT password then your personal/teacher account. Once you set up your classroom with students, when a student logs in with their student password, they'll select a desk with their name on it. This allows you to track how each student is doing in the progress reports. Each student does get to log in as themselves.

    If you do not want your students to be tracked and their results saved, you can create direct links to your word lists and students can learn, practice and be tested on your word lists without having to log in.

    To create direct word list links:

    On the Main Menu you will find a 'Go Direct' button shown once you log in. This will step you through how to create a direct link to any one of your word lists. You can use a word list link/url on your web site for students to go directly to any specific word list.

  • Do you offer district license?

    Yes! Please Email us and include the number of classrooms your would like a license for.
  • How do I use BigIQkids to work with my curriculum?

    BigIQkids is such a unique tool in that it can work alone or within any curriculum. Each program is flexible to change our lessons and incorporate your content. For example, in our spelling program simply wipe out our word list and enter your own. Students practice and can be testing on mastering your classroom spelling word list.